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The Billy D Foundation Scholarships are dedicated to empowering individuals with special needs to achieve success at every stage of their lives.

Our Story

The Skains and Drouant families began to talk about building a non-profit to support St. Michael and the incredible work they do.  In January of 2023, that dream came true. 

The decision of the name was based on a person that we believe has done as much or more than anyone to support the school.  A man who has dedicated countless hours of his life working for the staff and the students.  A man who loves St. Michael like he loves his own family, Billy Dietrich.

The Billy D Foundation was created to honor a man, Billy Dietrich born and raised in the Irish Channel ( just 2 blocks from St Michael’s).   Billy also attended St. Michael in the late 1950s and was crowned king of the school’s carnival ball.  He gives tirelessly to St Michael through the Irish Channel St Patrick’s Day Club and personally.  He loves St. Michael’s students and staff as his own.   

All proceeds raised through the Billy D Foundation go directly to students in need at St. Michael’s Special School through a tuition scholarship

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We are truly blessed and grateful to be able to participate with St Michael in their mission of Learn. Grow. Belong.

Skains and Drouant Families

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Become A Sponsor

By becoming a sponsor of the Billy D Foundation, you can actively contribute to the empowerment of individuals with special needs, ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Your sponsorship plays a pivotal role in championing inclusivity and creating a more equitable society for everyone.

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Billy D Foundation Changes Lives

Who Benefits?


The Billy D Foundation provides critical funds for the education and support of special needs children, enhancing their access to tailored resources and opportunities for a brighter future.


The Billy D Foundation provides crucial support and resources to empower special needs adults, fostering their independence and enhancing their quality of life.

Care Takers

The Billy D Foundation helps caregivers and family members of special needs children and adults by providing essential financial assistance and empowering them to access education and vital support services for their loved ones.

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